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Cast & Crew

We've got the connections, whether you want to go union or non-union we'll set everything up through experienced production managers, casting companies, and people we've worked with before, so are verified to be on the up & up. Can't find industry professionals on Craigslist.  We can go as big or as small as the production requires.

Gear from Quixote

Most of the time we rent our gear & trucks from one of the best rental houses in Los Angeles, Quixote (without paying crazy studio prices).  As modest as their costs are (which help keep your quote nice and low), we have yet to have had any issues with their equipment or finding what we need in their warehouses. Whether it's a van with the basics, or a full-on caravan of trucks & trailers, being an adjustable rental house fits hand-in-hand with our ideology... we get what we need, and nothing else.

Check out their website here if you'd like to find out more about the gear & trucks.

Enjoy Being the Producer

Let us take care of everything else on set while filming, and you can sit back & relax while we set up the shots with experienced ADs managing all of the different departments, talented DPs getting the lighting and camera positions just right, and a visionary director bringing it all together. And when the busywork is complete & we're ready to film a shot, all you'll have to do is watch the monitor, and see your project come to life. It's good to be the king.

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