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These are some samples of projects I've directed, self-edited, and in most cases, also helped produce. I can tweak my concepts based off of any budget, and guarantee being able to deliver anything that is storyboarded. I never over-promise and under-deliver.

Each scene is under 2-minutes, to hide the controls after unpausing on mobile tap anywhere.

Somewhere East #1


Usually text GFX looks stiff, so I wanted to add personality into ours. Since smoking cigarettes represents Maya's toxic dependence on her chain-smoking mother, her mother's abusive texts are one with the poison.


Somewhere East #2

In this scene Maya's mom, although physically smaller, has the presence of a monster as she fails to understand her daughter, and doesn't care to try. I wanted her house to feel like a pit she's climbing out of.


Somewhere East #3

In the key moment when Maya finds strength in taking control of her own life, her longtime friend makes a move. While the rest of the film they were more guarded, this sequence represents armor coming off.

Somewhere East #4


While the rest of the film we depicted Maya's mother as a monster, I wanted to bring a moment of clarity, where her mother-side that loved her daughter poke out from the darkness, if only for a moment.

Music Video

Dream a Little Dream of Me

My first traditional music video, I wanted to bring a vintage lounge singer vibe to Anne's track. The video was seen by a producer for the show The Boys who loved the vintage style, and used the song in two episodes in season 3.

The Mask

Music Video

The goal here was to use a theatrical stage as a metaphor for when women feel like they need to act a certain way, or put on a mask, for a man who doesn't accept them for who they are.

Music Video

Sunday Funday

Created for the band MAGIC!, this lyric-driven music video is fully animated as if built from cardboard pieces. I created this concept that would transition without cuts through two stranger's weeks until they meet at the end.


Music Video

Colette Car's song inspired me to go nuts with effects to grunge up the footage we got and create a glitchy/static music/lyric video. This was one of the first lyric-driven music videos I made.


Hysteria Files Ep.2

In this 6-part limited web series I made for Def Leppard's "Hysteria" album's 30th anniversary, this clip gives an inside teaser look at their biggest hits, and how lead guitarist Phil Collen helped create their iconic riffs.

Hysteria Files Ep.6


In this 6-part limited web series I made for Def Leppard's "Hysteria" album's 30th anniversary, this clip focuses on lead guitarist Phil Collen's unique sound, what gear he uses, and a demo of his own creation, the Jackson PC1.

Editorial - Fundraiser

Children's Defense Fund

For each of the recipients we created biographical shorts detailing the struggles they faced growing up, and what they're doing to improve their future. These were played during the fundraiser ceremony hosted by Conan O'Brian.

ELLE Women in Hollywood

Editorial - Awards Ceremony

This is part of the introduction video of ELLE's Women in Hollywood awards ceremony where they celebrated the careers of 8 women in film, which played at the start of the event that evening.

Editorial - Sizzle

ELLE Women in Comedy

Part of one of the sizzles created for ELLE's Women in Comedy awards ceremony. Filming included the red carpet, presentation/performance segments of the evening, and a pre-show interviews with the presenters.

First World Helpline - No Whip

Sketch Comedy

Every other helpline in the world helps people who are actually in need. But where do people with first world problems turn to when THEY have issues? They call the First World Helpline, and get the help they deserve.

Sketch Comedy

The YouTube Guru

What do you get when you combine a narcissistic YouTuber personality with a home invasion? Nothing, because she doesn't notice. She's too busy being "enlightened". Co-directed with Ann-Marie Lindblad.

Grandma's Filter

Sketch Comedy

Created for the vertical format of video chat on the phone, this is what happens when you call your girlfriend using a face/voice filter at the WRONG time.

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