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Full Post-Production Suite

We've got you covered from conversion and footage load-in to the final export, covering the full gamut of everything in post.  We can send a stringout of selects from a series of b-roll shots for you to make your selections, cut out the dead space and re-takes in interviews, transcribe content for a radio edit, or take a crack at a rough cut and see what you think. Whatever your preferred involvement in post is, we'll match your style.

ADR & Voice-Over

If we didn't get it on-set, we can get it in a soundbooth. We have professional condenser microphones and dampening walls to give dialogue a wonderful clean starting sound, and add things like room-tone, echo, & folly sound to fully integrate it back into the scene. Or if it's a voice-over, we'll keep it clean & sounding more velvety than Morgan Freeman reading a bedtime story.

Music & Scoring

Stock music can be tricky. We avoid the ultra-cheap sites, and are fairly picky with the mid-range sites, only choosing the best tracks with the most dynamic range.  Music in a production is just as important to us as the content itself, as it sets the tone for the piece. Looking for original tracks?  We have a cinematic composer on board who can write original tracks at professional stock prices, not Clint Mansell prices, yet the quality will be very similar.

In-House Color Grading

Want to boost the blue in that sky? How about a dramatic desaturated high-contrast look to boost your edge? We use professional-grade color grading tools to give your production that professional look, or if you're daring, that artsy music-video look. We can batch-process an entire photoshoot in a matter of hours, or take that dull stock aerial footage and match it with the beautiful shots we filmed on the ground.

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