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Beauty Work

If you've shot an entire music video only to realize your artist had a stress pimple the entire shoot you couldn't see on your 4" monitor (you should have hired us!), we can make it non-existant. It's a constant need in an industry where fans expect perfection, and we work with the top record labels & talent managers to protect their client's integrity. Or it may just be to soften up age lines or subtly blend skin tones.


If something needs to be added to a scene later, we take special care to blend & match the style of the scene, creating a seamless marriage of VFX & live-footage. Shhhh... no one will know, it'll be our little secret. This also includes removing something from a scene, such as an unsightly warning sign right next to the actor's face.

Green Screen

We can take your green screen footage and return nothing but your actors in an alpha channel, giving you the full freedom to place them where you wish. Or, for better results, let us composite them into the scenes and we can match lighting, add some light wrap-around effects and subtle flares to fully integrate your actors into the scene. For the best results, have our post supervisor with you on set to ensure the cleanest chroma key possible.

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