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Our production teams look for unique angles, transitions, and techniques to separate you from your competition.

Sure we shoot the basics taught in film school that every profesisonal does; a master shot to get it all, close-ups for the emotional gold, special coverage for focal points, and a few inserts for good measure, but we take it a step further...

The footage we capture isn't just an accessory to what you're trying to say. It's not just images showing what a voiceover is talking about, or a monotamous series of the same story that's been told time and time again. We tie in the emotion to the footage itself. We see a camera lens as the eye of the audience, and eyes are the gateway to the soul right? So why not portray that while filming? Whether it's softening the focus to emulate emotion, shaking the camera to increase intensity, or floating in a way a spirit would if it were watching over a loved one.


Our cameras breathe, our footage is alive, and we've only just begun filming. Wait till you see what our post team can do, with our own VFX specialists, cinematic composers, and studio-grade plug-ins & editing workstations, we'll give you studio quality at indie pricing.


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